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Thursday, April 25th beginning at 6:00 pm.
"The Ugly Truth About Supplements"

In this class we will scrutinize the supplement industry. What is good, what is a waste of money, what can be harmful, and what really helps. Who owns your supplement manufacturer? Are they looking out for your health, or just the profit margin?

Additionally, we will discuss the roper way to take use supplements. Are they preventatives? Can you really take them daily? Are they contradicted with your prescriptions or health conditions.

Most generally, patients leave our office with understanding 75-90% of the supplements they are taking are in fact unneeded, or not correct for their health and wellbeing.

Please join us to learn how to discern marketing hype from factual research. Also, how to research and verify claims you are reading about. Also, included will be why reviews may not be your best guiding light through this maze of chaotic information!

Cost for this class is $30. Please register/prepay by stopping by the Center, calling, or using the button below.

We hope to see you there!

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