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June 1, 2024, beginning at 9:30 am


“Essential oils with Dr. Dianna”

Are you new to utilizing the benefits of essential oils? Perhaps you as a seasoned user looking for additional information? Or maybe you are just curious as to what all the talk is about? Maybe you just enjoy creating personalized items?


If you say yes to any of the above, we hope you will join us for this class. The is not a marketing, brand specific, or sales pitch for any particular oils. In this class we will be presenting several new unique oils.


The information presented is based on documented research, decades of use, and extensive education surrounding essential oils. As a naturopathic physician and registered/certified clinical aromatherapist, Dr. Dianna shares information on scientifically documented benefits and harms of each oil profile presented. Additionally, cautions surrounding use due to age, health conditions, and prescription medication interference are also presented. Being natural does not equate to safe!


In the second portion of the class, we apply our new knowledge in the “Make-n-Take” segment. Here attendees create personalized items using new oils. Additionally, a multitude of oils are available to add to/complement the creations. Dr. Dianna will assist in helping you find the best combinations to enhance your wellbeing.


Deadline for registering/prepay is May 30, 2024. You may do so with the button below, over the phone by calling the office (573-893-9999), or swing in and pay in person (3234 West Truman Blvd, First floor). Cost is $30 per person.


For safety reasons we ask you not register children under the age of 14. We may work with oils that may not be suitable for younger people. Additionally, we may be working with melted bases. Thank you! We hope to see you there! Cost $30 per person.

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