Scheduled Events

Essential Oils & Crystals with Dr. Dianna

Saturday, November 5, 2022

9:30 am to noon

Are you interested in aromatherapy and essential oils? Perhaps, you have been considering oils but are unsure of where to start. Then again you may have experience with oils, but are looking for new recipes, or scientifically proven uses. Whatever the case may be we hope you will join us for an Essential Oil Workshop with Dr. Dianna.

It is important to note this is not a brand sales presentation but rather a workshop to empower you in improving your wellness and environment (safely)—with essential oil brand of your choice.

We will investigate proactive oil use to help maintain wellness in our changing health, environments, and mental states.

Next, we will embark on the health portion of the class. Individualized blends will be created to address your specific concerns.. As with every class, personal concerns or health issues will be in the spotlight as we work to empower each person to meet their wellness needs.

Our "make & take" portion of this workshop allows attendees to apply new knowledge by making items to take home.

Most importantly, you leave with knowledge to apply to future needs, as essential oils have many constituents. Education allows you to learn when particular oils are the better choice to resolve wellness concerns.

With over 30 years clinical experience, training, certifications, and clinical applications in working with essential oils, Dr. Dianna creates a personalized environment at each event.

Information on specific oils, uses, and contradictions is included in program. Her background in Naturopathy assists in addressing the medicinal use of oils. Safety when working with oils, contradictions with health conditions, and how to personalize oil use is included each session.

Of benefit to some may be essential oils specific to children’s needs and elderly. You will leave with information, recipes, and finished products specific to you and your wellness needs or desires.

In past workshops, a variety of items have been created. This is a guided program. All participants will make the same group of items, but Dr. Dianna will be assisting in personalizing each item to individual need. You leave with an understanding of “why” it will work. Most importantly you leave empowered to use oils in multiple ways…with confidence.

Space is limited and class will be closed when maximum it met. In the past, the workshops have filled quickly.

Deadline to register and prepay is end of day November 2, 2022. Cost for this workshop is $30.00 per person. You may register and pay on our website, or if you prefer in person at the Center during normal business hours. At this time, do to the nature of these classes and not only working with only oils that are kid safe, I must ask you do not register or bring kids under the age of 14. Thank you!