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Holistic Health Rates and Service Descriptions

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Wellness Counseling/ Health Assessments             

A whole person approach looks at all factors impacting your health. From there, a specific plan is developed to enable the client to achieve highest levels of wellbeing possible. Often individuals with chronic conditions are looking to improve health status. A program to meet those needs is developed. Wellness counseling $50 per hour. A first visit is typically 90 minutes. Testing (if needed) is at additional cost. 

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Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is the foundation of the human body. Often, simple dietary adjustments will enable health improvements. In other instances, special dietary needs may develop. Eating the correct foods to enhance your body will create a new level of wellness. Sometimes dietary needs are complicated by changes in wellbeing. Whatever the reason or need we are here to help you meet your nutritional goals. Nutritional counseling $50 per hour.

Stress Management

Seminars and Cooking Fun

Lunch and Learn style seminars on a variety of topics are available. In addition, in-depth seminars on specific health concerns are held.

Looking for healthy food options on a budget? Join a cooking session. Also offered are cooking to meet special needs. Diabetic, gluten-free, vegetarian... Some seminars are friendly discussions free of charge. Others may be offered with minimal costs. Prices vary. 

Essential Oils with Dr. Dianna

Interested in aromatherapy and essential oils? Perhaps, you have been considering oils but are unsure of where to start. Then again you may have experience with oils, but are looking for new recipes, or scientifically proven uses. Generally held on the first Saturday of each month, Dr. Dianna shares over 30 years experience, training, and certifications to help you use oils safely and effectively. 

It is important to note this is not a brand sales presentation but rather a workshop to empower you in improving your wellness and environment—with essential oils of your choice. 

A personalized environment is created at each event. Information on specific oils, uses, and contradictions is included in program. Her background in Naturopathy assists in addressing the medicinal use of oils. Safety when working with oils and how to personalize oil use is included each session. Of benefit to some may be essential oils specific to children’s needs and elderly. You will leave with information, recipes, and finished products specific to you and your wellness needs or desires. Class dates and times are posted on the events page and on Facebook.