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High Protein Snacks for Health

Posted on October 28, 2017 at 8:15 PM

Are you a prone to snacking? If so, don’t feel alone. National dietary surveys show 90% of adults, 83% of adolescents, and 97% of children snack daily. Make those snacks work toward improving your health! Many benefits have been found in choosing high protein snacks over other snacking options. Several studies show this choice in snacking increases satiety and may help in weight management. However, the benefits do not stop here.

Additional research shows connections between high-protein snacks and stabilized blood glucose. A protein based mid-morning snack has the ability to stop high/low drops in blood sugar between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner. This leads to better insulin response in the body and balanced energy throughout the day.

The American Journal of Hypertension reports a connection between protein intakes and high blood pressure. Research published in this journal shows people with higher over-all protein intakes also experience lower blood pressure. Making this yet another good reason to use snacking as an opportunity to boost your over-all daily protein.

Are you physically active or perhaps an athlete (weekend or otherwise)? Then the importance of protein is not news to you. Protein plays a vital role is muscle mass, strength, and endurance. High protein snacks and protein shakes after exertion is mainstay for a peak performance.

What types of snacks will provide the greatest benefit? That will depend on each individual and personal activity levels. However, here are some generalized suggestions. For those without lactose intolerance, Greek yogurt (17g), or cottage cheese (12g) provides a good protein boost. Nut butters (8g) when combined with a complex carbohydrate (cracker) can offer a healthy protein boost and extend energy.

A simple choice could be a small amount of nuts. Of course it should not be overlooked that a small piece of meat is also a good protein choice. If you are a non-meat eater then look to a small serving of beans or lentils. In a hurry and needing to keep it simple? Then choose a high protein bar. Many of these bars contain as much as 25g of protein. Please note: look at the labels on protein bars carefully. May also contain high amounts of sugar or sugar alcohols.

Let’s face it. We all snack at one time or another. The next time the urge strikes, reach for something high in protein rather than sugar or salt. The health benefits are greater and you will feel more satisfied!

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