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Posted on July 5, 2017 at 1:15 AM

For those in cancer treatment, food during and after treatment plays an essential role in recovery. Changes in appetite, energy and food preferences can make it challenging to choose healthy foods needed to restore vitality. At assist in these issues here are a few suggestions.

Flavor-building is a technique layers different tastes to tailor change making healthy food more appealing. Tame overly sweet tastes with a touch of lemon, dash of bitters, or Worcestershire sauce. While spices enhance the flavor of foods and stimulate appetite, too spicy can be a determent. Add avocado, olive oil, nut butter, or butter will tone down spiciness.

If your taste buds have gone away (temporarily), the use textures and colors to make healthy foods more appealing. For example, a simple chicken breast will have more appeal when dressed up on a plate with a bright sweet potato and green vegetables. Likewise, rice or other white/bland color foods will become more desirable when dressed with tomatoes, colored peppers, fruit, etc. Remember to combine soft and bits of crunchy foods for the texture contrasts.

Take advantage of using different cooking techniques. Oven roasting vegetables will enhance flavors and bring out natural sweetness. If roasting vegetables use the oven to bake fruit sprinkled with cinnamon for times softer textures are preferred.

No-bake energy balls not only serve as a good nutritionally dense snack, but can help on days appetite is waning. The old standby of nut butter and apples or veggies is another simple option providing needed nutrients.

For days when food is lacking all appeal, bulk up a smoothie. Vegetables, fruit, protein powder are often staples in the smoothie arena. Don’t overlook the health benefits of tofu, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables and other options. The bottom line is your nutritional intakes play a role in helping your body fight cancer, as well as recoup after the battle. Working with a professional versed in the special needs of cancer patients will also help you meet your new health goals.

Dianna Richardson, ND July 2017

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