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Maximizing Antioxidants in Tea: What Research Shows

Posted on February 2, 2016 at 2:50 AM

A recent publication of a study conducted on time and temperature of steeping tea has resulted in some surprising results. Most people simply follow the manufacturers instruction for tea preparation without giving it another thought. However, with many people turning to tea for antioxidant properties to help boost the immune system, perhaps closer attention should be given the preparation process.

The Journal of Food Science released the results of a study conducted on black green and white tea. If you caught an earlier post you know only material from the Camellia sinensis plant is considered true tea. Researchers tested three different types of tea, white, green, and black tea. Two varieties of each were tested in hot water for two hours, hot water for five minutes, cold water for two hours, and cold water for five minutes.

White tea reached its peak of antioxidant activity after steeping for the extended length of time. Temperature did not affect the antioxidant results. Green tea showed sensitivity to both temperature and time of steeping. Prolonged cold steeping resulted in the highest antioxidant release for green tea. Black tea performed the best with hot water and low time for steeping. This maximized the antioxidants available. The results also indicated the antioxidant capacity of green and white tea surpasses that of black tea.

Next time you make a cup of tea ask yourself if you are brewing for pleasure or health. How you prepare your tea can make a big difference in end results.

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